Meet our partners – Bug Girl

bug_girl_by_skepchickjillBug_girl has a PhD in Entomology. Her bug research involves using pheromones to try to control insect populations without pesticides. Essentially, she makes male bugs horny, and then prevents them from mating. (Please don’t extrapolate from that more that is warranted.)

After a decade or so as a professor, she decided to jump the academic ship and went on to be a designer, web mistress, and forensic consultant. She is now at a University in Connecticut, giving students (mostly) helpful advice.

Other items you should know about Bug_Girl:

  • Turn Ons: Chocolate and intelligent conversation
  • Turn Offs: Nascar and mullets
  • Bug_Girl’s garden can kick your garden’s ass
  • Bug_Girl is a frequent guest blogger at Skepchick
  • Bug_Girl is on Twitter, but no one is really sure why
  • Bug_Girl would like to be your friend on Facebook.
  • More about why Bug_Girl blogs, and why it’s ok to be a scientist with strong opinions

My lovely avatar was made for me by SkepticJill.

Read Bug Girl’s blog

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