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Looking for moths is very easy. Many people just leave a porch light on and check what is attracted to the light. Others use blacklights and Mercury Vapor Lights that put out light in color spectrums that can be irresistible to moths. Special fermented baits are also used to draw moths in. Read below about different light setups and recipes from bait, that are used by moth’ers, and were sent to Moth Week.

Guest Post from Ken Childs

Today we’ve got a guest post from Ken Childs: Once a year I like to try to photograph one of every moth species seen during one night of intensive mothing. Since it was National Moth Week and conditions were warm and … Continue reading

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Interview with Carl Barrentine about moths and mothing

Click here to watch an Interview with Carl Barrentine, member of National Moth Week Science Advisory Board,  on WDAZ ABC channel 8. 

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New Jersey Wildlife: The Silent Majority – moths of New Jersey at NJ Audubon Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary, NJ, USA

Published on, NJ Wildlife, July 7, 2014 By John Parke With a wingspan of over four and a half inches, the Luna Moth is one of New Jersey’s larger moth species. A member of the Saturniidae family, this giant … Continue reading

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“Come on Over to the Dark Side,” Moth-lover Urges Birders

Dr. John Pickering, NMW Science Advisory Board member, and Jim de Rivieres, NMW sponsor, are featured in the May/June 2014 Audubon magazine article about moths and mothing, written by Rene Ebersole. Click here to read the article.  

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Our Giant Silk Moths and Ancient Mythology

National Moth Week – “The Year of the Silk Moth” – What’s in a name? Participate in National Moth Week and Explore the Wonders of Moths! By Dave Moskowitz Our Giant Silk Moths and Ancient Mythology: Our Beautiful Giant Silk … Continue reading

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Guest post – Lauren Zarate, Mexico

I LOVE insects and enjoy photographing them for display on Project Noah. National (and International) Moth Week is a wonderful way to create attention for the magnificance and variability of one of the largest and least seen groups of the … Continue reading

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Mid-summer Moth Madness – NMW 2013 in California, USA

Go Ahead, Bug Me creator, Becky Randall, sent this article about their Moth Week 2013 event in California, USA: Last year for National Moth Week, the Insect Sciences Museum of California and Facebook page Go ahead, BUG me co-hosted a … Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Moth – new checklist generator

We’ve just added a super helpful new feature to the pnwmoths site – a checklist generator! What’s a checklist generator, you say? You pick any combination of states/provinces and/or counties/regional districts and the website instantly generates a list of all … Continue reading

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Nolie Schneider’s Light Set Up

  I have a 5′ x 6′ canvas sheet mounted on a PVC frame attached to the back wall of my house, under a 4-ft overhang. It’s a painter’s dropcloth, so it’s quite thick and sturdy to avoid wind vibration. … Continue reading

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Carl Barrentine’s Light Set-up, North Dakota

Like last year, we’ll be profiling some NMW events and light set-ups here on the blog. It’s interesting to get a look at some other mothing set-ups to see what others are doing to attract moths. First up, we’ll take … Continue reading

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