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Opinion: Exploring a Little-Known Planet, By Edward O. Wilson

Jim Harrison, photographer Harvard News Office From: The Scientist, October 1, 2011 One of the fundamental questions of biology is the amount and full nature of biodiversity on Earth. It should be worrisome to all that 250 years after Carl Linnaeus introduced the practice of binomial nomenclature and articulated the goal of identifying all species …

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Mothing in Alaska

“Mothing in Alaska” was sent to NMW by Ken Philip I know of only two people in Alaska who collect moths: Jim Kruse, and me. UV light traps work much better in August than July (and you can forget about June!). Of course, Alaska does have moths. I have attached a photo showing what turned …

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Moth Photographers Group – Guide for data collecton

Bob Patterson who developed and maintains the awesome Moth Photographers Group offers this guidance about data collection: We are beginning a mapping project at Moth Photographers Group.  All data that we receive will be shared with BAMONA (Butterflies and Moths of North America) and any other mapping project that wants it. Participants should submit a …

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Fran’s set-up

Here’s my little set up that I mainly use–pillowcase on a dowel, hung over a light fixture. In the fixture I’ve tried ordinary CFLs, “black light” CFL, and the black incandescent light bulb from Spencer’s. I sometimes move the cloth around to other fixtures that have incandescent bulbs. Of course the moths land on the …

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22 Oct. 2011 – Participating states

As of of today seventeen states are registered as participants in NMW 2011.  See map on the Location page.Alabama      Connecticut     Georgia     Massachusetts     Michigan     Minnesota New Jersey     New York     North Carolina     Tennessee     Texas     Virginia Washington     Wisconsin

Fruit Bait

I think this particular mix is banana, watermelon, orange, maybe grapes and/or apple. After awhile I dump it out and start over. If it’s too dry, it just gets hard. Too wet and it just gets mushy & moldy. (Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky) Only one moth showed up tonight when I checked the pears. Looks like …

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