More Light Setups

Mercury Vapor Light on back of wood shed (pillow case instead of sheet for better photos on the wood surface). The fine pillow case came from Ocean State Job lot so it was the best $3.00 could buy… Fran, this is the back of my wood shed that is adjacent to my back patio. The pillow cases are stapled to the wall. Makes for a nice firm setup with no wind motion…(Dave Small – Massachusetts)

2 backlights around a pillowcase on front breezeway. Great on rainy nights. The MV light is under an overhang and the rain, even hard rain, doesn’t hit it, The Breezeway is covered so that is also weather friendly… Both of these setups stay up all the time (I’ll take down the pillow cases after the freezing gets serious…) Both lights are on auto timers that come on at dusk… The MV runs all night unless I turn it off in the early am to get the moths out before the birds show up. The front street facing Blacklight comes on at dusk and I have a Christmas light timer that I can set to run for 2, 4, or 6 hours, or dawn to dusk. So the system is on auto pilot. All I have to do is meander out several times an evening (and early morning) and see what is flying…(Dave Small – Massachusetts)

This is only my first full year of serious mothing. I started with simply by adding 2 black light CFLs to the two front porch lights. Later in this season, I found a large piece of canvas & added a 12″ or so black light fluorescent bulb, which sits on a bench. As you can see, it’s simple, but works. And best of all, all I have to do is walk out the front door for checks. I live near the New River but the immediate home is pasture. Mixed hardwood forests nearby. (Jackie Nelson – )


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