This is my second year of National Moth Week. While last year I organized a public moth watching event at a national park in Nepal (Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Kathmandu), this year was different. I set up a light trap this year using a 160W Mercury Vapor Lamp and a white sheet during the entire month of July in 2 different districts of Nepal; Tanahun (for about 2 days) and Kaski ( for the rest of the month) with altitudes ranging from 2300 ft.-3800 ft.

Every (almost!) night after 7 PM, I would set up the light trap either at a special location or just on the balcony of my house. I’d then take a chair and sit by the light trap with my camera (also an umbrella if it’s raining). I photographed and recorded more than 300 different species of moths only during the entire month. Some other attendees were Hemipterans, Coleopterans, Hymenopterans, Trichopterans and Mantodeans.

National Moth Week is something that should be expanded and celebrated in countries all across the globe. After all, butterflies aren’t the only ones which are attractive!

2 thoughts on “NATIONAL MOTH WEEK 2019- Guest post by SAJAN K.C., NEPAL”

  1. Fantastic work Sajan. Thank you for all your persistence and hard work. Who knows, you may yet come up with a new species. And moths are so less studied compared to butterflies. This is what I call grass roots science — and many great discoveries have been accomplished by dedicated young entomologist such as your self.

    Please take a look at this:

    Piotr Naskrecki is doing some of the most fantastic insect photography I have seen. It will give you some great ideas. Warmest regards, and Namaste, Jon Ortner

  2. I’m loving seeing these posts from all over the world!
    Keep up the good work, Sajan! I hope that some day I’ll have the opportunity to visit your beautiful country.

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