National Moth Week Events Moth Week in Cyprus – Guest post by Marios Philippou

Moth Week in Cyprus – Guest post by Marios Philippou

Cyprus Island is a special place because it is located between three continents. Europe, Asia, and Africa.
The biodiversity of the island is very rich compared to its size (9.251 km ²). We count about 1950 plants, 650 seashells, 250 fishes, more than 6.000 insects, 400 birds including migratory, 30 mammals, 8 snakes, 11 lizards, three amphibians and 120 land snails.
Our mothing event was located in Akrotiri Peninsula, on Sunday the 28th of July at
the Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre between 19:00-23:00.
Our event had a presentation about moths, moth colorations from Kids,
presentation for kids, explanation about moth traps.

We had 3 different light setups for the moths and also we had moth wine
People and especially the kids were very satisfied.
We attracted about 100 moths and we identified 20 species in *only 3 hours*.

We would like to thanks everyone those joined to our event.

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