7 Year Old “Little Moth Volunteer” from India – Guest post by Saurabh Singh

National Moth Week is around the corner and the buzz can be felt throughout the scheduled mothing events across the globe, all preparing to make it a grand one. About 40 countries are participating in 2019 edition of NMW and the citizen scientists are waiting eagerly for the moths to glam up their event.

Shreemoyee Das



Shreemoyee Das (2)A little girl from India, Shreemoyee Das is just 7 year old but her interest towards science and environment is just amazing, every time she gets an opportunity to express her love for nature she beautifully narrates her perspective through her artistic approach and showcases her love through beautiful sketches. She is the youngest volunteer of NMW this edition for us at Jashpur, Chhattisgarh, India.

Shreemoyee Das (3)Shreemoyee has always been on the first notch every time an event is there to serve environment and wildlife. She has been educating their fellow classmates about various creatures of wild and why we need to conserve them. Isn’t this amazing signs for future?? Yes!!! Indeed. I am absolutely sure that Shreemoyee and other kids like her will definitely make this a better planet to live that is degrading day by day.

Shreemoyee Das (1)As always educating a kid is always a good investment to invest on. Keen interest, enthusiasm, energy etc. always on high side and that too with a lifelong awareness be pinned upon their heads. There is a saying that, if you want to educate a society for future and with maximum impact, “educate a child”.

Cheers!!! Happy Mothing





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