National Moth Week Art,Moth fun  Why I Like Moths, by Carl Barrentine

 Why I Like Moths, by Carl Barrentine

Hydraecia medialis Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, USA

Hydraecia medialis
Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, USA










There are big moths and small moths,                

Even green moths occur,

And moths that like sunshine—

Strange what some moths prefer!


There are moths patterned like fabrics,

All embroidered and such,

And moths that are so plain,

Well, you’d think they are dust!


There are moths that sip nectar,

That fly from flower to flower,

And moths that sip nothing–

They starve hour by hour!


There are moths without wings

That crawl like a bug,

And moths that love wool–

Whose babies eat rugs!


There are moths that are immigrants

That have flown hundreds of miles,

And moths no one can identify,

Except for Ken Childs!


CarlBarrantineCarl Barrentine is an avid moth’er and poet in Spokane, Washington, USA. He is a NMW team member and submitted an embarrassing number of moth observations to BugGuide and lepsnap.

Ken Childs is one of Carl’s  mothing mentors. His contributions to BugGuide and the Moth Photographers Group have contributed to the education and enriched the lives many thousands of individuals as well as countless insect photographers.

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  1. So thankful for mentor’s like Carl & Shelby who share so much of their love of nature’s beauties. What a great gift in one’s life to help others learn/grow through nature.❤️

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