National Moth Week Uncategorized Moth night in High Park (Toronto, Canada) – by Karen Yukich

Moth night in High Park (Toronto, Canada) – by Karen Yukich

Our annual public moth night in High Park (Toronto, Canada) was once again affected by weather. Rather than risk another rainy evening like last year, we rescheduled to July 26 and joined High Park’s regular weekly moth study group. The result was low attendance by the public but a good showing of moths – 116 species including 27 new to our all-time annual moth night list. And one of the participants has now joined the weekly group.

Many thanks to the Toronto Entomologists’ Association, the High Park Nature Centre and the High Park moth study group for all your help!

High Park is a large urban park in Toronto (about 400 acres). About 1/3 of the park consists of nationally rare oak savannah and woodlands. For more information about the park and its natural features, visit The all-time list and other information are posted on the Moths page of this website.

Submitted by Karen Yukich

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