Moth night 11 July 2018 Cairns, Australia – Guest Post by Dave Rentz


The annual moth night was held at the Cairns Botanic Gardens on 11 July 2018 to coincide with the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Cairns. Sixty-two people attended, including several children.

Moth Night was started in the USA seven years ago. Of course, this is the northern summer when the most moths would be present. In July we are in the midst of the dry season and insect numbers are down. But being in the tropics there is always something about. We did not have an abundance of insects at the lights but members with torches (flashlights) were able to find many insects on vegetation along with sleeping lizards and birds.

We hope to have another moth night in October or November when it is warmer.

Some photos of the night’s highlights. Most taken by Jessa Thurman.

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