National Moth Week Uncategorized How can you help National Moth Week?

How can you help National Moth Week?

9 HEADER MOTH WEEK 2016National Moth Week is now one of the most widespread citizen science projects in the world. It is coordinated by an all-volunteer team in the USA (New Jersey, New York, North Dakota),  Ecuador and Belize. For the past four years, public and private mothing events have been held annually in in more than 65 countries (and all 50 US states).

You can collaborate with and help National Moth Week by donating and by becoming a Supporter or Sponsor of the project.

Supporters are Individuals and organizations that promote NMW through their publications, blogs, websites etc.

Sponsors are Companies and individuals that donate to NMW. Donations can be monetary or other donations such as  books, equipment, etc.

To learn more please visit the ‘Collaborate with NMW’ page.

To donate to NMW use the PayPal donation button.                

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