Moth Paintings – Guest blog by Deborah Davis



Deborah Davis 02 Deborah Davis 01



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4 thoughts on “Moth Paintings – Guest blog by Deborah Davis”

  1. carriesigma says:

    The paintings are wonderful. How can I contact Deborah Davis?

  2. Coralie Koonce says:

    Are there prints available of the paintings?

  3. Patti Carnevale says:

    I just discovered Ms. Davis’ work in this week’s Washington Post and was disappointed to discover I have missed her exhibits. Please let me know if there are any coming up in the future.

  4. Virginia Burton Stringer says:

    I’ve known Deborah since we were in high school together. She is a gifted and multifaceted woman. I look forward to making the trip from St. Petersburg, Florida to see her work, in person!

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