Welcome Moth-ers in Botswana, China and Yemen!

From its start in 2012, National Moth Week has captured the interest of moth-ers around the world. The word “national” in our name applies to any country where people want to learn about, observe and document moths. With at least 160,000 moth species worldwide, there will always be the possibility of new and interesting sightings no matter what country you live in.

This year, NMW is pleased to welcome moth-ers in three countries—Botswana, China and Yemen—proof that NMW is inspiring people around the world to turn on a light and observe moths in their natural habitats.

We encourage everyone who plans to do any mothing to contribute photos and details of their sightings to our partner organizations. You can also post them on our Facebook page.

Currently, events are registered in 30 countries across all inhabited continents. There’s still time to register your public or private event, or plan on attending one in your area. Go to our events map or take a look below to find out where they’re taking place.

Keep up with NMW on Facebook and on Twitter @moth_week.


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