Sam Johnson’s Moth Song, Again, Again and Again

What better way to learn about moths than in a song?
I posted this last year,and the year before, but I thought it was worth a re-post. It always makes me smile!

If you know of any other MOTH MUSIC, please let us know.


Saturniids are huge they’re as big as your hat,

Elastichiids are tiny as an anorexic gnat

– and micropterigiids are smaller than that.

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


Moths of the Limberlost all look like bark

Nocturnal predators eat them – but hark!

With tympana they can hear bats in the dark.

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


Moths come to light and nobody knows why

Sometimes they sit on the wall till they die.

The rules of logic don’t seem to apply to…

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


Some people hate moths and they get in a froth

when Tineiids make a meal of their fine woolen cloth.

Some Pyralids eat fungus from the back of a sloth.

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


Some moths live in beehives in dead hollow trees.

Some moths eat liverworts in cold mountain streams

and some caterpillars can repeatedly freeze

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


Tortricids mine needles; megathymids bore roots;

Arctiids eat lichens; Lycaenids bore fruit.

Collecting them all is an endless pursuit.

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


Lets talk transformation – what could be more appalling

than seeing a worm who is tired of crawling,

sprout wings and get airborne and discover his calling?

What are we talking about? MOTHS!


So if you have faith you will see what this shows.

You may buy the farm but I strongly suppose

that your miserable pupa might metamorphose.

What are we talking about? MOTHS!

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