Highlights of National Moth Week Events in Japan

Guest post by  Utsugi JINBO

During the National Moth Week 2015, an insect book exhibition will be held at a store of Junku-dou, a large chain bookstore, at Ikebukuro city in Tokyo. This is an exhibition sale of insect books as well as artworks selected by organizers of this event. There is a moth book section with an introduction of the National Moth Week.

At the same time, two events on NMW will be held. One is the “Japanese National Moth Week 2015 Kickoff Event” meeting at Mt Takao-san in the suburb of Tokyo (18 July), with a talk on moths and a moth tour. The other is a moth night tour at Oomurasaki Center, in Yamanashi Prefecture (19 July). Oomurasaki Center is a visitor center with exhibitions on butterflies and a butterfly farm of Great purple emperor butterflies, where the first NMW event in Japan was held last year.

japan_flier_2015Utsugi JINBO is NMW Japan coordinator.  He is a Researcher at the Department of Zoology, National Museum of Nature and Science, Ibaraki, JAPAN

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