Tonight’s NMW Events in the USA

Prairie Ridge Ecostation, Raleigh, NC – You are invited to an evening of moth-centered fun to celebrate National Moth Week with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Prairie Ridge Ecostation! We’ll have blacklights and mercury vapor lights, baits, and traps at stations around the grounds to attract moths and experts on hand to help you learn about the things you see. We’ll also teach you to identify some of the major moth groups so you can practice your new skills on the moths you see. You can even contribute to science as a citizen scientist by sharing photos, observations, and other information you gather throughout the night! This event is free, family-friendly (we’ll have activities for kids!), and open to the public from 8pm-midnight Saturday, July 27. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and dress for the weather. Closed-toed shoes and long pants are recommended. If you have a camera with macro capability, bring it along too! You can help us document the moth species on the Prairie Ridge grounds. Hope to see you there!

Good Earth Gardeners, Cambria PA

Midwest Native Plant Society, Beaver Creek, OH –

During the three day Midwest Native Plant conference, with a mission to “connect people to nature”, we feature Nocturnal walks to look for moths. We also setup tents with lights and have plenty of guides on hand to help ID. Opportunities for photography.During the three day Midwest Native Plant conference, with a mission to “connect people to nature”, we feature Nocturnal walks to look for moths. We also setup tents with lights and have plenty of guides on hand to help ID. Opportunities for photography.

Intervale Lowlands, Lake Placid, NY –

Dr. Dale Schweitzer, NatureServe zoologist and renowned authority of moths of the eastern U.S., will be on hand to collect and identify moths and to sign copies of three recently co-authored books: Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America; Rare, Declining, and Poorly Known Butterflies and Moths of Forests and Woodlands in the Eastern United States; Caterpillars on the Foliage of Conifers in the Northeastern United States. Dale will provide an introduction to the biology of moths and provide tips on attracting them.

Elyria Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA –

Sponsored by the Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance, in cooperation with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) and Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA). Gate opens at 7 p.m.; event begins 7:30 p.m. (sunset 7:58 p.m.) Light refreshments may be served. No restroom facilities. Lepidopterist Julian Donahue will talk about the moths that come to the black and mercury vapor lights. Daniel Marlos, webmaster for “What’s That Bug” and author of “The Curious World of Bugs,” will also be on hand to share his knowledge. Bring a flashlight.

Located on the southwestern slopes of Mount Washington, Elyria Canyon Park is a 35-acre nature park that provides a glimpse into the native habitat that once thrived in the hills near downtown Los Angeles. A network of trails meanders through fragrant communities of coastal sage scrub, chaparral, grassland and purple needlegrass. The park boasts one of the finest examples of California black walnut woodland in Southern California. The trails lead to vistas of the Los Angeles River, Griffith Observatory, and the city.

Directions: For this event use the Bridgeport entrance (1550 Bridgeport Drive, Los Angeles). Exit off the 2 (Glendale) Freeway at San Fernando Road (just north of Interstate 5 and State 2 interchange). Travel southeast on San Fernando Road; turn left on Division Street, turn right on Wollam Street, go 2 blocks and turn right on Scarboro Street, then next left on Bridgeport Drive. Park where you can on Bridgeport, or follow it to its end and park in the park (limited parking). Google Maps:

East Texas Natural History, Hawkins, TX

Bankhead National Forest, Moulton AL

Tea Kesting-Handly at Boston Nature Center, Boston, MA –

This event will be hosted at the Boston Nature Center in Boston, MA. Lepidopterist Tea Kesting-Handly will be demonstrating how to “black-light” and show off some cool caterpillars and specimens. This program runs from 8-9:30pm.

White Sands National Monument, Otero, NM –

A public presentation will be open to the public at the amphitheater on the Loop Road. The public presentation will be about the Remarkable Endemism of Moths at White Sands National Monument, and what we can learn about plants from moths. The public presentation begins at 8:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. Visitors can drive back to the Visitor’s Center to observer moths attracted to a sheet behind the Administration Building. The moth sheet will be active from 9:30 pm thru 10:00 pm. It is not necessary to attend the presentation in order for persons to come see the moths. The gates to the Monument will close at 10:30 pm.

Nashville, TN

Moth Madness: Saturday, July 27 at 8PM. We will use special bait and lights to lure underwing moths and other nighttime insects into view. Meet at the Visitor Center for a short presentation and then a hike. Ages 5 years old and up. Reservations are required and open Sunday, July 21 at 10am

Wrangell Institute for Science and the Environment, Kenny Lake, AK –

Come to Wellwood Nature Preserve at 10 PM on the night of 27 July (Saturday) for an event that will be fun, educational, and scientifically significant. We will learn about moths, try to observe a variety of night-flying species, photograph them, and submit our data to at least one scientific organization. Our submitted photos may be identified, used in range studies and other research, and posted in online galleries.
Moth Night at Wellwood will start at the Wellwood Center (mile 5.75 Edgerton Highway, half a mile past Kenny Lake School) at 10 PM. A slide show and introductory talk will be followed by a walk to the camp area of Wellwood Nature Preserve, where a campfire awaits, along with a few treats. Moth observation will continue until about midnight. This event is sponsored by Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (WISE). We hope to see you there!

Robert H. Treman State Park, Finger Lakes, NY –

8pm-midnight. Meet at the park’s main parking lot any time after 8pm. There will be moth watching at four light stations and a bait line around the edges of the parking lot adjacent to the park office. Access to the park is free after 6pm. The event will be cancelled if heavy rain and/or lightning are in the vicinity.

Pleasant Village Community Garden, NYC –

We will set up a mercury vapor lamp in our beautiful community garden at dusk (8:30ish) to attract and photograph moths until we are tired. Come join us (and visit the chickens too!)

Independence Lake County Park, Webster, MI –

Saturday, July 27th – 9 p.m. to Midnight
Moth Madness and Firefly Frolics! – Insects of the Night!
Independence Lake – $park entry fee required, meet at Beach Center
All ages welcome to come and learn about two interesting types of insects, the night flying moths and fireflies. Program will begin with a mini-talk, then we will catch fireflies, try and play a firefly game with our flashlights, look for moths at the moth “restaurants” we will create and look for moths near our black light attracting area! All insects set free at end.

Jakes Branch County Park Nature Center, Toms River, NJ –

Shawn Wainwright and Lou Prosperi are hosting a NMW event at Jakes Branch County Park Nature Center.

For this National Moth Week event, we plan to set up black lights and sheets around the nature center as well as bait some trees.

Meet up place: We will all meet up at the Jakes Branch County Park nature center in Toms River

Starting time: 8:00pm , feel free to show up and leave when ever you want as this is a public event.


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