July 26 Moth Party at Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Brownsville, TX

Sabal Palm Sanctuary is home to one of the few remaining old-growth stand of Mexican Sabal Palm forest in the country and as such is home to an incredible diversity of insects. Some of the moths found here have been recorded from no other place in the United States. It is always a treat getting the opportunity to lure in and observe some of these rarely seen subtropical species. Our “moth party” will begin at sundown and continue early into Saturday morning. We will have several black lights set up in different sections of the Sanctuary and will have staff and volunteers on hand to help people observe and identify the many moths and other insects lured in. We hope you’ll join us! Please call: (956) 541-8034 or email: gsfinc@gmail.com for more information.

(For the curious, Sabal palm is also called cabbage palm and if you’ve ever eaten hearts of palm, you’re familiar with it.)


Sabal palms

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