Data from NMW event in Alaska

More about NMW in Alaska from Ken Philip:

Here are the determinations for all but one of the moths in the photo I sent you of my catch 27-28 July. These were made by Cliff Ferris.

Column #1:
1. Drepana arcuata
2. Eulithis testata
3. Sicya macularia
4. Eulithis xylena
5. Ceratodalia gueneata
Column #2:
1. Scoliopteryx libatrix
2. Polia purpurasata
3. Syngrapha interrogationis
4. Syngrapha interrogationis
5. Syngrapha viridisigma
6. Eurois astricta
7. Xestia smithii
Column #3:
1. Actebia balanitis
2. Xestia smithii
3. Xestia smithii
4. Caradrina montana
5. Caradrina montana
6. Caradrina montana
7. Caradrina montana
8 Caradrina montana
9. Caradrina montana
Column #4:
1. Evergestis funalis
2. Epinotia nisella
3. Epinotia nisella
4. (Pterophoridae)

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