Guest post – Dino Martins on NMW in Kenya

Dino J. Martins is a Kenyan entomologist, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Dino participated in NMW in Kenya and blogged about it on his personal blog and on his National Geographic New Watch column.

Read about Dino’s mothing during NMW on National Geographic News Watch

Read Dudu Diaries – Dino’s blog about the world of insects.

The first step was setting up the light and sheet to attract the moths…
Photo: Dino Martins

1 thought on “Guest post – Dino Martins on NMW in Kenya”

  1. Dino hi this is not ref moths! I have just returned to Limuru (where I live) from Watamu. Whilst there I took a photo of a most extraordinary-looking dudu which I would like to send to you to see if you can ID it (not that I am anything more than an amateur nature lover!). I have been looking for your email address without success, and have to admit that I refuse to have anything to do with social networks (eg Facefbook). If you are interested please let me know… Dudu looks like a large fly, but has a huge red head with a snout and all …..
    I enjoyed your talk at Kentmere about a year ago ?

    Best wishes

    Ian Harvey

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