National Moth Week Events,Mothing NMW event – Moth Dinner Party in Maine

NMW event – Moth Dinner Party in Maine

The Dustin family in Maine are having a festive moth dinner party with their friends. We are looking forward to photos of moths and people celebrating NMW.

Here is the invitation they sent:

You and your family are invited to a moth dinner party. Do not be afraid-we will not be eating moths. The menu is pasta, salad, bread, lemonade, iced tea and cake. The moth part is that it is National Moth Week (I know you may already have big plans surrounding this, but come to my party instead) and we will be attracting moths, taking photos, identifying them, and posting photos online. Educational and fun. We will also have some lawn games set up and some game fun for grown ups too if needed.
WHAT TO BRING: If you have a great camera that can take close up photos please bring it and the usb cord.
Flashlights for the kids might be fun.

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