NMW Event – Amazone Nature Lodge in French Guiana

View from Amazone Nature Lodge (photo by K. Moks)

Amazone Nature Lodge in French Guiana will be hosting a National Moth Week event. Amazone Nature Lodge is located in the Kaw Mountains of French Guiana, and serves nature lovers, scientists, students, and tourists  looking for a place to study, observe and enjoy nature.

Copiopteryx semiramis (photo by K. Moks)

During NMW the team at Amazone Nature Lodge will observe moths as well as photograph them. The team is looking forward to taking a break from observing moths with guests at the lodge and focusing on enjoying their amazing nighttime visitors.

Light trap set up (photo by K. Moks)

The photos in this post were taken by Kadri Moks, an Estonian student who visited the lodge last summer.

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  1. I am trying to find the lodge I stayed at in 2006 there on Kaw Mountain. It was operated by a very nice family.They had a lady ( a cook) who made excellent meals. We were there during the magnificent solar eclipse at about 9:00 in the morning. The owner of the lodge bought special glasses for us so we could watch the eclipse. I think they had a son who was about 8or 10 years old. They had cabins for one or two people and a laboratory with tables where we could work, and a freezer for our specimens. The owner of the lodge was working to cultivate, dry, and sell certain tropical plants that had medical importance. It is not the lodge that used to be a former French Foreign Legion training camp, where Odette lived and studied Ceramcycids. I am sorry that I do not remember their names. I was there with a man named Alex Reifschneider. Iam wanting to return to their lodge again . Any help you can give me to locate the lodge I would appreciate. Thank you. Tim Gatschet. My email is tpgatschet240@gmail.com

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