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One of National Moth Week’s sponsors, David Wagner, recently had an article published in the Lepidopterists’ Society Newsletter. Titled “Moth Decline in the Northeastern United States,” this article outlines rare and extirpated moth species of Connecticut, and the establishment of southern moth species in the northeastern U.S.

Also be sure to check out David Wagner’s books:

Dave Wagner – Caterpillars of Eastern North America
Dave Wagner’s book on caterpillars is simply one of the coolest insect books to have been published, ever. It includes amazing close-up photos of caterpillars and a wealth of natural history information about each species. The book also has lots of information on caterpillar biology. Get this book!



Dave Wagner – Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America
Dave Wagner’s newest book written with three other top-notch entomologists, is as amazing as his first book about caterpillars. It focuses on the Owlet moths, a hugely diverse group of moths. It covers more than 800 species and also has stunning close-up photos of each caterpillar and many of the adult moths. It also has an excellent introductory chapter on moth ecology and techniques for raising them. Another absolutely stellar book from Dave Wagner and a must for the moth bookshelf.

If you have registered an event, you are eligible to enter a contest to win signed copies of these books!

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