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It’s this simple: Get an album. Take photos of moths (and photos marking the time and place you found them). Upload photos to your album.  Tag with location. Do it better than anyone else — collect your money!  Discover Life is challenging ourselves to set up 100 moth photographers around the eastern US to collect data during National Moth Week, July 23-29, so are offering 100 dollars to our best contributor during that week! The best contributor is not necessarily the one who takes photos of the most moths, but rather who best follows our protocols to the letter. Protocols can be found here:

If there are multiple sites with perfectly followed protocols, we will give the prize to the moth photographer that collected moth photos correctly on the most nights.  If there is still a tie, we will choose randomly among the best data collectors.  There will also be prizes for other data collectors who do a good job.

So join today! Discover Life’s ongoing moth project is studying how species will be affected by large-scale factors such as climate change, pollution, and invasive species. It’s easy. Start by setting up an album on Discover Life. To do so, or for any other information, contact Outreach Coordinator Nancy Lowe at



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