Meet our partners – BAMONA

What is BAMONA?

The Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) project is ambitious effort to collect and provide access to quality-controlled data about butterflies and moths. The project is hosted by the Butterfly and Moth Information Network and is directed by Kelly Lotts and Thomas Naberhaus. The goal is to fill the needs of scientists and nature observers by bringing verified occurrence and life history data into one accessible location.

BAMONA is a rich data source that grows daily. Citizen scientists of all ages and experience levels participate by taking photographs of butterflies and moths and then submitting their observations. Additional BAMONA data come from museum and personal collections, published literature, and professional lepidopterists. Quality control is provided by collaborating lepidopterists who serve as regional coordinators. Standardized data and metadata are stored in a database and accessible through the web site via checklists, species profiles, maps displaying point data, and other tools. To learn more about getting involved please visit butterfliesandmoths/get-involved.Taxiles Skipper

BAMONA is an active partner with National Moth Week. NMW participants can submit observations to BAMONA through the website. To find out more about sending your sightings please visit

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