National Moth Week 2016


Happy New Year to all moth’ers!

National Moth Week 2016 will be held during the last full week of July, 23 – 31.

Registration is open online – click here to register your Private or Public mothing event.  (It may take a few days for your event to show on the map).

Let us know if you need additional information or have any questions. Contact us – click here.



5 thoughts on “National Moth Week 2016”

  1. Great stuff…wish I could contribute. I’ve never lived in an area that was suitable for setting a light, and my area seems devoid of interested people. That or they keep it really secret!

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  3. Marnie Reed Crowell

    I own a large size iPad Pro in a fine black Logitech keyboard case (but no handles and a boring executive look) so I bought a wonderful black small NMW bag with great handles – and it fits wonderfully. I am not boring looking anymore. You can get yours here in just a few days. Highly recommended!

  4. Hi! I’m wondering if there’s a moth family focus for 2016 (like Sphinx moths were the focus in 2015).

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