NMW Welcomes Dr. Utsugi Jinbo to Our Science Advisory Board

Utsugi Jinbo closeup
Utsugi Jinbo, researcher at the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, Japan.

I received a doctor degree for taxonomy on leaf roller moths, and then I am working on the taxonomic research of moths at the museum. I have got interested in moth when I was a junior high student, and enjoy mothing until now. I prefer smaller moths, which includes many excellent species like little jewels and many undescribed or unrecorded species. Also I have interests in biodiversity informatics and citizen science projects. So, I am participating in some activities to build databases or do researches with general people, in particular on moths. My roles concerning moths are: the head office of Japan Heterocerists’ Society, One of the webmasters of JpMoth.org, the author of ” List-MJ: a checklist of moths in Japan”, and the manager of Japanese National Moth Week activities.

Utsugi JINBO

Utsugi is NMW Japan coordinator and creator of the NMW Japan website.

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