Moth Monitoring Programme for Schools: National Moth Week in India

Moth Monitoring Programme for Schools: We are happy to announce first of its kind programme for schools.

Moth Monitoring Programme for Schools is a subset of National Moth Week which is global citizen science that happens every July. Unlike all years where we use to observe moths on light sheets and reported them to citizen science portals, this year we starting to look at life histories of moths. The Caterpillar Rearing Project is a result of this change.

Through this project, we will be engaging schools to carry out two months caterpillar rearing activity from their neighbhouring vicinity. The data will be fed on an online portal. We are hopeful to receive some interesting data from all over the country.

This competition is open for 15 schools from each regional zone ( North, South, East and Wes). Students of Class 6,7,8 can participate. The school with highest life history records will win the prize of Field Guide to Indian Moths.
All study resources and trainings will be provided for the schools for free.

This is a collaborative project of iNaturewatch Foundation, Diversity India, Nature Mates and WWF India ( Delhi).

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