Thank you to all the translators of the NMW fliers

Thank you to all our voluntary translators! We are thrilled to have voluntary support in translating the National Moth Week 2021 flyers into different languages. We have flyers in 21 languages uploaded on our website now. This year we are targeting 1000 registrations for the NMW event and we will be able to reach out to a lot of people with the translated flyers. It is with the assistance of local volunteers that we can rise to meet our target. They are:

  • Mrs. Beena Mangueshkar
  • Mrs. Ratna Divkar
  • Dr. Preeti Virkar
  • Sara Dent Acosta
  • Salman Abu Rokan
  • Chris Talkis
  • Vijay Barve
  • And a few others….

Thanks to your efforts and contribution of time. We look forward to your help in spreading the word and recording more moths this year! We are so glad that you are a part of the crew! Thank You! Happy moth-ing!

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