National Moth Week Uncategorized Meet Sarah Babirye, Country Coordinator for Uganda

Meet Sarah Babirye, Country Coordinator for Uganda

Sarah Babirye, Uganda

Sarah is the research and development officer for Kawanda Agribusiness Consult. She provides input in strategic supervision of field research and innovations, and helps write research and project proposals for grants and organizational funding. 

She has broad experience in project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, natural resource economics and evaluation, Environmental impact assessment, land use planning and management, and inferential statistic. 

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Science Education and master’s in natural resource and environmental science. As a writer, she has authored a book, “Apiculture Technologies and Innovations in Uganda” which is under publication. In this organization, she is responsible for report writing, shaping project objectives, designing various stages of the project cycles, processing and analyzing both spatial and non-spatial related data.

Welcome, Sarah!

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