Update and Information for NMW on iNaturalist!

On iNaturalist, National Moth Week 2020 is off to a great start! We are just a little over 3 days in and we have already observed over 30,000 moths totaling over 3,000 species. Any moths you upload during NMW will be included in the project automatically!

Panel of moths from the National Moth Week 2020 project on iNaturalist.

We are trying a new way of organizing our projects this year that enables better downloading of data from each year of National Moth Week! With this new format, we have a single global project rather than one for each location under an umbrella project. This way, we plan to have an umbrella project including each year of National Moth Week.

We understand that you may want to have totals and summaries for your own location, however, and we encourage you to create a project for your region! There are already projects for all provinces in Canada, Washington State, and Colombia, among others! Be sure to also check out NMW member Roger Kendrick’s project, Moths of Asia, that is not just for NMW, but has an amazing selection of moths. Just download the NMW logo below and create your own event using the template “National Moth Week _insert location here_ 2020”.

Don’t forget to register a private event if you are uploading to iNaturalist – even if you are just looking at moths near lights outside!

National Moth Week Logo, Io Moth on right side of image with text "National Moth Week Global Citizen Science" on the left.

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