NMW new partner – The Hellenic Biodiversity Center

The ‘Hellenic Biodiversity Center’ is a collectivity and started from 8 friends. The main goal is for people to observe and record the huge biodiversity Greece has. 

Our goals is:

  • To preserve wildlife and biodiversity
  • To observe and record the biodiversity of Greece
  • Rehabilitation of wildlife
  • Spread information about ecological sensitivity of wildlife and environment in Greece

Also on 2012 we had a big project (6 month project) focusing on butterflies. We recorded, with photos, during these 6 months almost 100 butterflies on mt. Pelion (in central Greece).

Every year we ask our members and people of Greece to add their photos to project Noah’s website on “Moths of the world” with the tag (e.g. For NMW 2017), but we also ask them if they can put it also in “Biodiversity of Greece (Hellas)

GreeceBiodiversity1 GreeceBiodiversity2 GreeceBiodiversity3

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