National Moth Week on Science Friday, a National Public Radio show (USA)

Science Friday joins the fifth annual celebration of National Moth Week.

From the show’s website:

Many moths don’t seem all that flashy or important. But Elena Tartaglia, one of the co-founders of National Moth Week, says that moth diversity outstrips that of butterflies 10 to 1, with an enormous variety of species that play a vital role in our ecosystems. For the fifth annual National Moth Week, the organizers are honoring a group of moths known as the underwings, which often look dull at rest, but show brightly-colored hindwings when in flight.

The show will be broadcasted on July 29,2016 at 18:00 GMT (2pm EST), and will be available for listening online.

5 thoughts on “National Moth Week on Science Friday, a National Public Radio show (USA)”

  1. Greg Karfeofelas

    If you are close to UC Davis Tomorrow night, come to the Bohart Museum “Moth Week open house” Go to the website for details

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