National Moth Week on Science Friday, a National Public Radio show (USA)

Science Friday joins the fifth annual celebration of National Moth Week.

From the show’s website:

Many moths don’t seem all that flashy or important. But Elena Tartaglia, one of the co-founders of National Moth Week, says that moth diversity outstrips that of butterflies 10 to 1, with an enormous variety of species that play a vital role in our ecosystems. For the fifth annual National Moth Week, the organizers are honoring a group of moths known as the underwings, which often look dull at rest, but show brightly-colored hindwings when in flight.

The show will be broadcasted on July 29,2016 at 18:00 GMT (2pm EST), and will be available for listening online.

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5 thoughts on “National Moth Week on Science Friday, a National Public Radio show (USA)”

  1. Greg Karfeofelas says:

    If you are close to UC Davis Tomorrow night, come to the Bohart Museum “Moth Week open house” Go to the website for details

  2. Paulette Hill says:

    Is there somewhere I can send a picture of a mother I recently saw to find out what kind it is?

    1. Paulette Hill says:

      A MOTH not a mother!

    2. Liti says:

      You can upload a photo to Project Noah ( – ask for help with id. You can find other sites that can help at

      1. Paulette Hill says:


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