National Moth Week Moth Identification,Moth Information,News & Updates Meet an Underwing – Ilia Underwing (Catocala ilia)

Meet an Underwing – Ilia Underwing (Catocala ilia)

This year’s National Moth Week’s spotlighted moths are the Underwings. 

These photos of Catocala ilia  (Ilia Underwing) was taken by Betsy Higgins in Florence, MA (USA), August 2015.

BHigg-Catocala ilia-2 BHigg-Catocala iliaSee more photos of Underwings and other moths on the National Moth Week Flickr group

National Moth Week 2016 will be held from 23rd to 31st July. Anyone can participate. Register a public or private event or find one to attend by checking the website for public events. Registration is free to individuals, groups and organizations.

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