National Moth Week Data Collection,Events High Park Moth Night, guest post by Karen Yukich

High Park Moth Night, guest post by Karen Yukich

High Park ( Toronto, Canada) Moth Night was held on July 22, 2015:

Mea skinnerella-DavidBeadle

Mea skinnerella. Photo: David Beadle

Highlights: A tiny Mea skinnerella appears to be the first record for Ontario. Many other micros boosted the count total, but larger moths, including 7 species of underwing, were also present. The total count was 113 species plus one identified only to genus. 33 species were added to the all-time list, including the striking Beautiful Wood-nymph, Eudryas grata. About 60 adults and children participated.


The ID table. Photo: Irene Wilk

This annual event is co-sponsored by the Toronto Entomologists’ Association and the High Park Nature Centre with assistance from High Park Nature. David Beadle, TEA member and co-author of the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America, led the team of TEA volunteers who arranged the setup and provided IDs.

High Park is a large urban park in Toronto (about 400 acres). About 1/3 of the park consists of nationally rare oak savannah and woodlands. For more information about the park and its natural features, visit A list of current and past Moth Night sightings is posted on the Moth Gallery page of this website.

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