NMW partner – The Israeli Facebook group ‘Arthropods, Reptiles and Amphibian Photography’

Photo credit: Alaa YounisThe Israeli Facebook photography group, Arthropods, Reptiles and Amphibian Photography, (צילום פרוקי-רגליים, חרקים, זוחלים ודו-חיים) is one of Israel’s most popular Facebook groups for nature photography, with over 6,300 members and dozens of posts every day.

The group not only focuses on the aesthetics of photography, but also on citizen science. Here we document sightings of arthropods and herps. Every photograph has to include the date and location of each sighting.

The group is a hub for photographers, enthusiasts and academic researchers to meet and share information. We also aim to raise awareness about nature conservation, to increase knowledge and reduce fear of insects, arachnids and snakes.

The photography group is a proud associate of the National Moth Week citizen science project.

In July 2014, we launched a moth photography contest, in which hundreds of photos were shared, and we launched another moth photography challenge this week.

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