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Project Noah Fun Fact: the Pine Processionary moth

For every day of National Moth Week, our partner, citizen science website Project Noah will be featuring a fun fact about moths.

From Project Noah:


The Pine Processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pinivora) is well-known in Europe for its interesting larval behavior. Caterpillars of this moth aggregate, or gather in large numbers, appearing to march like soldiers in a “procession”. Aggregation can be seen in many different organisms, and the benefits can vary greatly. In this species, it has been demonstrated that larvae not only have a higher rate of survival in larger aggregates, but also a higher rate of growth (Ronnå, Larsson, Pitacco, and Battisti 2010).

You can participate in the global citizen science project National Moth Week! National Moth Week 2015 is July 18-26. Visit the website for more information and be sure to register a public or private event! An event can be as simple as observing the moths that come to a porch. During NMW, be sure to post your photos to our website and add them to the National Moth Week mission, Moths of the World!


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