National Moth Week Events Not All Our Nighttime Visitors Are Moths!

Not All Our Nighttime Visitors Are Moths!

By: Sandra Lanman

Just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, when you go mothing, you never know what you’re going to get.

Last Friday, we kicked off National Moth Week in East Brunswick, NJ, (where NMW started) and were greeted with a nice variety of winged friends – including a surprise “winged” guest – a flying squirrel.

As we trekked between our light setups with our flashlights, the squirrel froze on a tree from fear. Clearly, he/she was not accustomed to visitors. But it froze long enough for us to take its picture before scurrying off to the treetops.

Some interesting moth visitors included a rosy maple, which is as sweet looking as its name, geometers, hawk moths, and others.

If you are capturing photos this week and don’t know what you’re seeing, please submit them to one of our partner organizations or check out their galleries and identification pages. They also will identify your finds. It’s easy and free. Please see the list of NMW partners and check out their sites.

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