NMW Welcomes Roger Kendrick to Our Science Advisory Board

We are happy to welcome Dr. Roger Kendrick to the Natioanl Moth Week Science Advisory Board.  Roger is Director of C & R Wildlife Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China and founder of the  Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium series.

Dr. Roger Kendrick has been involved with biological recording and nature conservation for over 30 years, covering birds, orchids, butterflies and moths in specific taxa studies and undertaking habitat conservation work in the United Kingdom to late 1996 and in Hong Kong thereafter, including the Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society, of which he is a co-founder and life member. He also has limited additional experience of conservation and in situ moth recording from China (Hainan and Tianjin), Singapore, America and South Africa. This work has been carried out through governmental, academic and non-governmental organization [NGO] sectors, though primarily NGOs, whilst retaining strong links with government and academics.
His own academic background stems from a B.Sc. training in Conservation Management at the University of East Anglia and a subsequent Ph.D. at The University of Hong Kong, studying the geographic affiliation, local distribution, habitat association, community composition and conservation status of moths in Hong Kong.
Dr. Kendrick spent a decade working for the Fauna Conservation Department at Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden [KFBG], where he oversaw the management of the butterfly garden, the Night Safari programme, the Fauna Specimen Collections, undertook monthly moth recording and provided technical and scientific support for Fauna Department publications, educational material, fauna surveys, the Insect House, the Ecological Advisory Programme, and other departments and projects as necessary. Through KFBG, he established the Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium [ALCS] series, maintaining links with Lepidoptera conservationists and taxonomists throughout the world, also providing support for Asian Lepidoptera conservation initiatives. Past symposia have been held biennially in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and China.
He now provides wildlife recording & conservation, publication and ecotourism consultancy services through his own company (C & R Wildlife); clients include the HKSAR Government, The University of Hong Kong, KFBG, various businesses and private individuals requiring assistance with conservation and planning issues. The species “summary” component of his Ph.D. thesis is slowly being written into a book that will cover the moths of Hong Kong, and is currently scheduled to be published by the Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society. Other voluntary work includes working with the HKSAR Govt. on the Hong Kong Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan process, as well as spending time assisting individuals throughout Asia with moth identifications and conservation issues on the Internet, moderating several forums and maintaining his own website.
Dr. Kendrick is married, with two daughters. He tries to spend time with his family and squeeze all the other components of his work into each and every day.

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