NMW at Hickatee Cottages, Southern Belize

Guest post by Ian Morton

Hickatee Cottages, a small guesthouse in the jungle of Southern Belize, will be hosting its second annual National Moth Week event this year.

Although not a research facility, national park or NGO, Hickatee Cottages is the smallest Private Protected area in Belize with a wide range of lowland tropical broadleaf forest and extensive biodiversity.

Ian and Kate Morton, owners of Hickatee, have been keen supporters of many “Citizen Science” projects including orchid bees, butterflies, howler monkeys, birds and bats. Hickatee Cottages has a year round “bug board” lit every night for guests and visitors.

Hickatee Cottages bug board

After a successful trial run with National Moth Week last year Hickatee will be hosting a full week of events for both resident guests and “open house” events.

Sat 19th and 26th will be open house from 6pm to 11pm for individuals, NGOs, park rangers and tour guides, with events for resident guest every evening throughout the week. We hope to count and classify as many of the estimated 30,000 moth species in Southern Belize as possible, and to post this information to share with others.

Hickatee Cottages moths

Information already available can be found at:

NMW 2013 – www.flickr.com/photos/hickatee/sets/72157635056618487/

NMW 2014 – www.flickr.com/photos/hickatee/sets/72157641333873445/

Moths in Southern Belize – www.flickr.com/photos/hickatee/collections/72157635072965494/

Any and all offers of help with identification or other online resources would be much appreciated.

Contact Ian at ian@hickatee.com for more information,

or visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/hickatee


Everyone can participate in National Moth Week, a global citizen science project.

For information and registration visit www.nationalmothweek.org.

Media Contact: Sandra Lanman








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