National Moth Week Events New Jersey (USA) is Where it all Started

New Jersey (USA) is Where it all Started

nj2We’re proud that National Moth Week started in New Jersey in 2012 by the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission. With its varied geography from seashore to mountains, New Jersey is a great state in which to observe and document moths in their habitats.

Public events for National Moth Week in New Jersey are scheduled from the northern reaches of the state to one of its southern-most counties. They include a “moth ball,” nighttime moth surveys and daytime moth hunts. They are organized by many different groups, including the N.J. Audubon Society, historic preservation sites, a state college and state agencies. Individuals also are holding private events in their own communities.

We encourage everyone who attends a National Moth Week event to bring their cameras and upload their moth photos to the websites of our partner organizations.

If you live in New Jersey, try to attend one of these events or organize your own.

Or, if you’re not in New Jersey, check out these events and those on our maps for ideas on how you can celebrate National Moth Week in your state or country.

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