National Moth Week Events NMW in Quirimbas National Park, Mozambique

NMW in Quirimbas National Park, Mozambique

Guest post by Sergio Garrido

The Faculty of Natural Sciences (FCN) of the Lurio University is one of the reference education centers in Mozambique, located in the north of the country, in the city of Pemba. Currently, the course of Biological Sciences is known because its activities and practice classes outside the city.

FCN has as a partner the Quirimbas National Park, where has developed various activities like support in creating the inventory of amphibians, reptiles, grasshoppers and butterflies of the Park.

The Quirimbas National Park was created in 2002 and it has a total area of ​​7500 km2, of which, around 6000 km2 is located in the continent. The rest of the territory is constituted by the Quirimbas Archipelago, formed by a chain of 28 islands along the coast of Cabo Delgado.

map Sergio GarridoWithin the Moth Week, the Faculty will move a group of about 15 people to capture moths, identifies them and at the time that they help to complete the inventory of Lepidoptera of the park, the assistants can grasp on methods of catching these insects, their importance, their biology and life cycle.

Mozambiqeu Sergio Garrido 1We intend to make this a major event and repeat it annually in different parts of the park. This year it is planned to Muanona camp, one of the most important campsites of the Park.

It is important to reschedule that will be the only participation of Mozambique in this event.

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