Mothing events around the world today

Magpie Moth (Nyctemera lacticinia), New Caledonia, 03/2013

National Moth Week events are being held in twenty countries today. Here are highlights on just a few of them:

In India, Mirnal is taking “A small team from Kolkata, will go to Darjeeling forest and Tea-garden areas to photograph the Moths. We will arrange the food and shelter there.”.

Lauren in Mexico is planning “Observation and photography of moths nightly from 8 PM to 2 AM using an ultraviolet light and moth baiting. Neighborhood participation, especially of the school age children who are fascinated with the variety, color and behavior of the moths that are observed. None are captured or damaged in any way.”

Leane is in the UK and has some visitors in her garden: “I have recently moved from a rural area of Wales to a suburban area. I’ve already discovered 2 European garden tiger moth caterpillars thriving in my very small garden which surprised me. So for national moth week i plan to capture data on whatever i can attract with some sugar baiting.”

Rostyslav is mothing in the Ukraine today: “- share information about moth and NMW in local newspaper, on web-site; – realization investigation of moth diversity of Nature Reserve “Rivnenskyi” and its vicinity”

Richard, in Ecuador is inviting his guest to moth in the forest: “We are a cloud forest reserve and lodge with overnight options under 2 hours from Quito. There is a huge diversity of moths in this cloud forest (at 2000-2200 metres elevation, 7000-7500 feet) and many species are yet to be identified .. for sure some are not known to science. We are open to all visitors helping to photograph and hopefully later identify the many moths that will be found during this week. If any specialists are interested in participating, please get in touch, since we also have a simple research station on the property of close to 700 hectares (2000 acres).”

Indio, in Nicargua, is mothing and cooking: “Looking into having Moth Bean (Vigna aconitifolius) Soup.  If unavailable will create another unique dish.”

Where will you be moting today?  Find NMW events near you on the map.

Please submit moth observations to any of our partners, and share photos of moths and moth’ers with NMW on our Facebook page and Flickr group.

Happy Mothing!

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