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Since 2001 DiversityIndia ( been organizing communities to document biodiversity of Indian Subcontinent. It started with a cyber-community on Yahoo groups called ButterflyIndia to talk about Butterflies of India. The discussions began with 25 members and over the years generated more than 1500 members. Very soon the cyber group started meeting together to share and learn from each other. Members wanted to explore other taxa not just Butterflies which gave way to IndianMoths, DragonflyIndia, SpiderIndia and so on.

IndianMoths group has been active since 2005 and has close to 400 members. Members have been documenting moths in all parts Indian subcontinent and helping each other identify them. The group also utilizes Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, iNaturalist, IndiaBiodiversityPortal and Project Noah to collaborate and share.

The basic philosophy being Documentation, Education, Research  and Conservation. We are trying to document as many species in as many locations spanning all the seasons possible. The species are identified by members and confirmed records will be used for further analysis and would feed in conservation efforts.

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