Opportunities Abound During National Moth Week – from Master Gardeners blog

Connie Schultz, Johnston County, NC is a Master Gardener/Composter and moth’er. She wrote about NMW on the Extension Master Gardener blog:

We don’t often think of moths as pollinators – we more frequently think of them as voracious caterpillars – but many of them are valuable pollinators too. With an impressive list of collaborators, National Moth Week was sponsored by the New Jersey’s Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission.

Moths Wing Their Way through National Moth Week!

As if in collaboration with National Moth Week, the moths were very cooperative and I found several I had not seen before.

I found clear winged sphinx moths feeding on verbena and an almost spent Imperial moth (Eacles imperialis) in the grass and I recently discovered another colorful green sphinx moth (Eumorpha pandorus) in the garage. These diurnal (daytime active) moths are as varied as their cousins the butterflies.  Read more. 

Sphinx moth, Eumorpha pandorus Photo by C Schultz

Sphinx moth, Eumorpha pandorus Photo by C Schultz

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