First National Moth Week event – a success at Purdue University


Nicole Parker, a Masters Student at the Entomology Department, Purdue University wrote about their NMW event:

The Department of Entomology hosted an eveGroup Shot.jpgnt at Horticulture Park on the Purdue University campus on July 27th, 2012 to participate in the first National Moth Week created by David Moskowitz and Liti Haramaty.  National Moth Week aims to raise awareness of biodiversity and conservation by encouraging participation from groups and individuals worldwide through observing moths.

While we may have had a higher attendance than moth count during the National Moth Week event at Horticulture Park on the Purdue University campus on July 27th, it was a great opportunity to do some evening collecting and aggregate with fellow entomologists.  Two black light stations and one halide were set up and participants wandered from station to station to view, photograph, and collect the various insects attracted to the lights.

I would like to recognize and thank everyone who participated and especially everyone who helped set up and tear down – Professors Jeffrey Holland and Jonathan Neal,  John Shukle, John Obermeyer, Paul Brooks, Stephanie Hathaway, Joseph Braasch, Scott Williams, Renata Bazok and her daughters.  Thanks everyone who made this event happen and brought their friends and family to enjoy it!

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