National Moth Week Events Campfires, Astronomy & Moths at the Schrader Center

Campfires, Astronomy & Moths at the Schrader Center

Jake Francis, Director of Environmental Education at the Schrader Center wrote about their NMW even on the Schrader Environmental Education Center blog:

For those of you that were unaware, last week was National Moth Week.  National Moth Week was a nation-wide push for hobbyists and scientists to survey moths anywhere, from porch lights to national forests.  Though the Schrader Center’s moth night was rained out last Thursday night (and has been rescheduled for this Thursday), we have been able to do a several very fun and informative moth nights at Camp Giscowheco as part of our Junior Nature Camp program!  Yesterday evening we were treated to a couple colorful moths at Giscowheco including the Ailanthus webworm and the Grape leaffolder, and some other interesting species such as a possible Walnut sphinx moth and an unidentified underwing moth.  Read more


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