National Moth Week Events Moth Dinner Party in Maine

Moth Dinner Party in Maine

The Dustin family in Maine invited their friends to a Moth Dinner Party to cerebrate NMW.

They baked a moth inspired cake and watched Godzilla vs Mothra. The kids went on a scavenger hunt (see below) right before the cake was cut. Before the party, moth facts  on colorful construction paper were placed around the house. Lures were set up the night before the party so there were moths during the evening hours that the kids could see. They took photos of moths the previous week and had them running on a slideshow on the computer. Here are some photos from the moth themed party at the Dustins:

Moth Scavenger Hunt

  1.   Outside see a monarch caterpillar munching on a milkweed plant-(+15 points)

DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!! OR THE PLANT-ONLY LOOK!!!! (-45 points if you touch it or the plant)

2. Name (or draw) the 4 stages of metamorphosis a moth or butterfly goes through (also known as its life cycle)
___________  (+5)

3.  Find the 2 moth lures we have set up.  Describe each one. (where and what)


4.  Read moth facts and write down your favorite fact here.
_____________________________________ ______________________________(+15)

  1.  Take a good, clear photograph of a moth. (+20)

6.    See if you can identify it using one of the moth books. (+15)


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