The last NMW 2012 registration – Tobey Connor in Maine

The last 2012 NMW registration came from Tobey Connor, a moth’er  in Maine.  Tobey learned about National Moth Week just a few days ago.  She observes and photographs moth every night.

We asked Tobey to tell us about herself:

“I’ve been a faithful fan of moths all of my life, and since we’ve been here in the woods of Maine the past 5 years after living in the desert (not too many moths), I’ve been in heaven. I grew up in Maine and have always been in love with moths, and identifying them. Our house here is very rural, the forest comes right up to it and we have a nature preserve in our backyard (Donnell Pond Reserve, Sullivan/Franklin, Maine). The moths come to our front and back door, and the well-lit side of the barn. Every evening we go out and look, to see who’s familiar and who’s new. My husband created a Facebook page called ‘Moths of Maine’, to post some of our new photos, or interesting moths we see. ..   I take pictures every night! Some nights when there are hundreds of them, I love to stand and be covered.  I registered my moth events, though it is every night really. I’d love for interested folks to stop by, though I imagine most folks around here get a similar show”.

Tobey’s website, Down East Maine, contains photos and stories about the wildlife she observes near her house.

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