New mothing tools and upcoming events from Discover Life

Discover Life  recently published some exciting new tools for analysis of moth data.

Check out the Simple protocol for monitoring moths.

Please also see:

1) An example of the new phenology tool.  This page compares across years the dates when four species of moths with different numbers of generations were photographed. You can change the scientific names in the graph’s URL address to look at additional species. This tool is also capable of comparing moths at different sites.

2) Moth species photographed in 2010-2012 at latitude: 33.8882°N, longitude: 83.2973°W– 630 species!

3) Between year comparison of species.

Explore these pages and — there are more nifty tools in “Reports” and “Analysis.”

Discover Life is looking for participants to collect and submit moth photographs for three upcoming events:
-Spring Natural History Survey event, April 20-21

-National Moth week, July 23-29

-Natural History Survey event, September 14-15 , which will mirror the Spring event.

The purpose of these data-collecting events is twofold:
1) To study lichen moth abundance relative to other species of moths, looking for pollution effects and
2) To collect preliminary data on what species of moths are located where, so that we can choose relevant species for phenological comparison. For phenology we are hoping to find moths that are easy to identify, fairly common, and widespread throughout Eastern N. America.

Discover Life is also looking to recruit folks, to collect photographs of every moth that comes to lights for these three events and to upload their photos to Discover Life. In addition, they are looking to have nightly or semi-nightly data such as they have been collecting in Clarke County for nearly 2 years. If you know anyone crazy enough to do that, please let us know!

For more information, please contact Discover Life’s Outreach Coordinator Nancy Lowe []. Nancy will answer your questions, and/or set up a Discover Life demo on a conference call or webinar.  Thanks for your help!

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