Introducing LepSnap – Image Recognition for Moths & Butterflies – Guest post by André Poremski

LepSnap is a community field guide, created and edited by those who share a commitment to catalog the 175,000+ species of moths and butterflies around the world. It’s a smartphone app and web platform that uses image recognition AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help identify moths and butterflies (and caterpillars too!) in photos, which can be later verified by members of the LepSnap community.

At present, LepSnap is well-trained to identify commonly-encountered species of North American moths and butterflies, and we’re calling on all lep-lovers to help us train LepSnap to recognize all species worldwide. This ambitious project is a collaboration between LepNet/SCAN (a Symbiota data portal) and You can join our community by downloading LepSnap for iPhone (Android version coming soon) or signing up on

LepSnap is, and will always be, a free, non-commercial public good.

More about LepSnap:

Download LepSnap for iPhone:

More about the Lepidoptera of North America Network (LepNet):

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